WORK@station > where "H O M E" is

...what is ~H O M E ? / + 2 work @ ??

´it could be something you imagine...

... a pretty cool PLACE  --- where YOU WANT 2 be ---   #paradise basically --- a destination you return to ---   >1Place - you share with, - that defines  & shapes you --- 1Place where things are that you need , in a cooperative environment that inspires you , a relaxed working atmosphere keeps driving your creative ideas forward --- with fascinations that influences you . . .

. . . with best performance + extensive services 4 you & your project benefits --- > offered at the BEST VALUE :

1location optimized 4 its requirements , by motivated makers in a team that will also become your friends...

1 Team  with  1 focus on success , share claims -          share values & stay true to their mission, their brands...                             2  be inspired … > 2 keep growing

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    P O W E R S T A T I O N


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    4 years success B1G ONE 


OUR   PRIVAT Offices  &   OPEN Space(s) are designed creative -intricately , with different kind of  elements, scattered throughout- on infusing vitality & agility - in modern & historical premises - iron-, stone- & wood style … also suitable for lab or fitted for production & development .

Gapcoworx grows on the pillars of SHARING & COLLABORATIVE Working - for the Purpose of sustainable development .  > We SUPPORT & DRIVE the Facts of "SHARING=CARING" !

,,, to be immersed in a dynamic Environment, by getting out of the day-to-day routine , surrounded by like-minded , motivated people . Not least the lucky ones, who stay here instead of commuting to work.

A Location not only for individuals , who choose the space  their '9-to-5 home . 

but also for Teams, Singles, Startups & running companies or new ventures ~#~ open innovation % together [++] while staying true to brand identity ,

to evoke a sense of SEPERATION rather those which would collaborate in a sense of OPENESS ;

Step into location - experience our atmosphere  ...  feel inspire our motto ...  = that's for sure :


'Welcome H O M E  -  welcome to WORK  !  -    



"Going to the Office has a new meaning" 

1Destination- to where you´ll get the EXCLUSIV ACCESS

INSPIRING People Needs inspiring places and SPECIAL TRIPS to enhance creativity & productivity.

Our BIG Advantage is not only our kind of location  -  not only the simple, useful building in skeleton construction with its broad spaces on 4 Levels;  -  but especially our attractive natural invironment ,

the panoramic view & the versatile alpine sports- & leisure options .  In front & back of our workspace .

Ideal conditions to mix the synergies of  our elements  COWORKING  &  VACATION  #


Besides sharing our facility , supporting incentives & setting you up in beautiful surroundings, Benefits are extensive & versatile. Our MEMBERSHIP  / TEAM-VIPs  gives you Access to several options & a handful of perks additionaly.




C O M E T O G E H T E R   =  meet from work till party   #

We bring you GREAT VALUES -sure to drive & grow you forward, belonging to the selected Teamrange circle of  ours  ONE & ONLY ´s  !


to get limited Offers , Special Permits, Incentives , Events, Products & Services , to be well supplied  &  to get the adequate Portion FUN & ACTION  #


1 Destination 4 " COWORKATION "


> when work is part of your journey


#AIRCLEANING    *"BREATH yourself healthy !"  

We support our natural WORKING CLIMATE 

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